Program Collaborator

Fascinated by the notion of unlimited potential and the value that can be created when organisations and people are empowered to succeed, Vanitha Ryan has directly influenced and shaped business, accounts and strategic program outcomes for over 20 years.

A catalyst for change, she constantly assesses the current reality to prioritise delivery, commercial, regulatory and people requirements to embed transformative change across an enterprise. Having led complex programs for both public and private clients in infrastructure, education and transport, she has worked in challenging and heavily regulated environments and manages complexity through understanding people, regulatory and commercial risks to drive performance and achieve shared success.

Rather than break down barriers, Vanitha looks to create dynamic approaches and new forms of business, civic and community value through inspiring engagement, creating and sustaining networks across organisations, industry and sectors. A passionate transformation leader, Vanitha is committed to supporting the next generation of leaders by equipping them with the ability to navigate, adapt and stand out in disrupted environments.