What people say?

I seriously wish I had done this course 10 years ago. The course content is super rich and a lot of information to absorb, but all of it very practical, useful and relevant. The style of both Julie and Vanitha is so open and real. The content was based on real world scenarios and information that normally doesn’t get covered in leadership courses.
Since completing the program, I now find that I step back more often and think about how I do my job, how I lead and influence others and the importance that effective communication plays in the whole process. I feel I now have the tools I require to become a more effective leader, with particular focus on identifying where I can provide assistance or empower others in their work, without taking over the workload.
Prior to the program, I was suffering from being a back seat driver to my own career progression. I wasn’t being active or deliberate in the choices I was making. I was just going along for the ride and stuck in a rut. The course started challenging me and allowing me to be more vocal, direct and active in shaping my career. I feel more confident in being assertive around what I want to do, or, the type of work I want to do.

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