Is it about ‘Fail Fast’ or ‘Learn Fast (and act)’?

The pace of change and disruption is calling for an inventive approach to leadership development.  It’s not about polishing the old ways or tweaking the edges. These complex environments and dynamic systems demand a complete reset – a new mindset, an expansive toolkit, renewed collective intelligence and an ability to process and act.  Growing the ranks of the future fit leader is a real challenge.

A key challenge is that few of the 5%ers appreciate the potency of the way they think, lead and catalyse change, making it hard to find and learn from them. The 5%ers are like quarterbacks who set up the game and adapt strategy whilst the game is in play, all whilst working in partnership with other critical players.  They think differently to most.  The good news is that this capability can be cultivated to foster a generation of leaders with the ability to renew and reinvent themselves and their organisations in significant ways.

We are committed to growing the ranks of future fit leaders. Join us at First 100 to decipher and understand the necessary shifts in our thinking to navigate ever-evolving personal, corporate and societal landscapes.