Innovative Transformations = Bravery

“Having someone I could trust to have open discussions, helped me navigate complex leadership and organisation structures.  (Vanitha) enabled shifts in my thinking when unpacking challenges to reframe them as opportunities.” 

Leadership development is not about cascading change (from the top), it really is about providing the space and environment to scale up the courageous first steps for individuals to bravely meet their potential. Leadership development is about cultivating bravery. 

I have continued to work and collaborate with emerging leaders throughout my career and the one thing I have learnt is that the basis of any transformation is bravery.  Transformation is innovation at work.  It calls for bravery to redefine boundaries, to leapfrog limiting narratives, materialise potential and make things better (at every level – personal, organisational, communal perhaps societal.  

As a passionate advocate for supporting the growth and development of future fit leaders, I am proud to receive the feedback above from a colleague who has been an absolute delight to watch grow.  She was always an asset – she just needed the support to decipher and translate thoughts to action in a safe space.  

Julie Birtles and I are committed to growing the ranks of the leaders of the next generation within a supported network of talent, enthusiasm, commitment and bravery.  Join us at First 100 – let’s make this happen.