How will organisations support their people to reconnect to their purpose and work in this new reality?

Navigating complexity and uncertainty of post pandemic work and life.

Whilst organisations and leaders are forging new approaches, new kinds of leadership, it is equally important that individuals are given the opportunity to re-cast their path through disrupted, complex and uncertain post pandemic environments.

It is clear that there is significant activity at leadership and organisational levels to rethink and respond to the pandemic in real time.  Whilst organisations are reengaging with the workforce and reinventing workplaces, it is equally as important for individuals to reflect, reengage and reconnect with their purpose and work in our post pandemic world.  This is not a case of returning to the way it was – recovery will not be binary or static.  Work and workplaces are not the same.  There is a significant need for recovery and reconnection at an individual and personal level.

It is clear that work environments, interactions and connectivity, as we knew it has changed. Many organisations’ priorities and working environments have become multimodal.  It is not uncommon to hear team members say, ‘we knew where we stood before all this happened, now we’re not sure’.

Physical interactions, exchanges and connection has been disrupted.  The informal connective network of work, has changed.  Leaders have noted a distance when people have come back to work – not just physical but at times social and emotional – with safety regulations, hybrid ways of working and with most returning employees who have been out of the workplace for extended periods – the transition can difficult, unsettling and overwhelming.

Research reaffirms that, “Leaders must rethink the art of the possible, they must move from managing to enabling, they must harness the full power of technology, and they must translate purpose into action.”1 However, for leaders to enable, harness and activate at scale, an additional and important consideration that needs attention is – how will we support our teams to reconnect and engage with their purpose and work in readiness for post pandemic work environments?

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