FIRST 100 – Emergent Leaders | Divergent Thinking

“If one connection can change your life then, what happens when 100 like-minds are connected and charged with the skills to catalyse their individual and collective potential?” 

The 21st century has gifted us a complex environment, dominated by a flux of unprecedented threats and challenges. The challenges are here to stay.  How can we meaningfully engage with and steer complex systems, rather than simply allowing ourselves to be subjected to them?

Research maintains that only 5% of leaders have the capacity to both sense-make and make sense of systemic complexity and to lead transformational change.  We know that attention needs to be given to develop the mindset, capabilities and impact required to swell the ranks of modern emerging leaders equipped for uncertain times.

A key challenge is that few of the 5%ers appreciate the potency of the way they think, lead and catalyse change, making it hard to find and learn from them. The good news is that this capability can be cultivated to foster a generation of leaders with the ability to renew and reinvent themselves and their organisations in significant ways.

How do we support, decipher and understand necessary shifts in our thinking to navigate personal, corporate and societal landscapes?

First 100 is a movement that will connect 100 emerging leader to cultivate divergent thinking and support responsive and impactful action.

Help us find and connect the First 100 – join us