Mastering the ‘how’

Talented professionals know they have more in the tank. They are aspirational, ambitious, purpose driven and drawn to make a difference. However, like many, they are held back by limited beliefs, a lack of confidence, structural barriers, not having the networks or championship and burdened by the weight of history.

Career transitions at every level from technical or delivery excellence to a larger span of influence and more complex roles requires a shift in ways of thinking, working, engaging, communicating and behaving. Designed as an accelerated development process, the First 100 will build the skills and capabilities required to progress.

This bespoke online resource will provide skills to adapt to changing environments and foster the insight, judgement and confidence to respond to new and unfamiliar situations.


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The program will deliver an integrated system of thinking supported by access to thought leaders, tailored reading, models and frameworks designed for disrupted times.

Program Principles

Mindset: New ways of working

Analyse: Professional Development

Stretch: Building enterprise capabilities

Action: From output to valuable outcomes

Courage: Career ambition

Energy: An inspired contribution

Internal Perception.

Developing the mindset and ways of thinking to lead through disruption, strengthen confidence, presence and judgement and transform the obstacles that are holding you back.

Enterprise Perspective.

Insight into the management and leadership attributes required in senior roles and strategies to develop them.

High Impact Leadership.

Liberating the potential of teams in response to the dynamic forces shaping workforces, productivity, and engagement and the resilience, agility and change required.

The Art of Sensemaking.

Exploring your internal meaning- making capacity, how it shapes the way you interpret and react to your surroundings and the skill required to make the invisible visible.

Effective Communication.

Fostering the sophistication to engage diverse stakeholders and people who think differently to you through clear and effective communication strategies and approaches.

Amplify Your Influence.

Building influence is a deliberate and intentional behaviour and practice underpinned by curiosity, perspective and judgement and ability to discern what’s important.

Hustling and Hacking.

Awareness of the multiple intelligences, characteristics and currencies required to reframe issues, catalyse opportunity and inspire stretch.


Exploration of power, politics and personalities along with strategies to overcome real and perceived barriers, repetitive patterns and stumbling blocks.

Energy and Stamina.

Identifying the influences and expectations that impact well- being, work-place stress and mental health and strategies to protect yourself during times of increased uncertainty and change.

Accelerated Progression.

Creating a detailed Developmental Plan to identify your aspirations, career goals and the capabilities, behaviours and support required to achieve it.