Emergent Leaders | Divergent Thinking

Strategic Context

“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult.”
Warren Bennis

Change is happening now at an unprecedented pace and scale. It happens globally but impacts at a local level and is currently manifesting in some of the most significant events and enduring problems faced in history such as climate change, COVID-19 and the shifts in geopolitical power structures.

These things combine to buffet all of us, sometimes without us even realising. It is clear there is a need for a new form of leader, one with the skill and confidence to lead through accelerating change, disruption and volatility. This is a skill that few have as traditional approaches to leadership development have left many ill- equipped in changing times.

In fact only 5%* of leaders have the ability to catalyse and lead transformational change.

The First 100 has been created to foster the most important attributes associated with these leaders including the ability to unpack complex challenges, design and redefine opportunity, understand impacts and implement action.


Growing the ranks of the 5%ers and ensuring early career professionals are equally represented requires early intervention.

With only 5% of leaders having the capacity to both sense make and make sense of systemic complexity and to lead transformational change, we know that attention needs to be given to develop the mindset, capabilities and impact required to swell the ranks of modern leaders equipped for uncertain times.

A key challenge is that few of these leaders appreciate the potency of the way they think, lead and catalyse change, making it hard to find and learn from them. The good news is that this capability can be cultivated and First 100 has been created to


foster a generation of leaders with the ability to renew and reinvent themselves and their organisations in significant ways.

Advancing the progression of emerging leaders and fostering this transformational approach requires early and focussed intervention. First 100 equips professionals with the thinking required to catalyse change in organisations needing to constantly adapt in an increasingly disruptive world.

First 100 is an online development program that will equip participants to materialise their individual and collective potential and adaptive thinking. Our approach is specifically designed to unleash the unique skills emerging leaders can bring to organisations inspiring promotions, seeing seamless transition into impactful and influential roles, launching new ventures and strengthening entrepreneurial success.

100 emerging leaders will be supported and guided to understand their leadership capability, connect with their purpose and performance, get comfortable with power and influence, negotiate and communicate with impact and intent, craft an impactful and fulfilling personal brand and boldly re-define what is possible through adaptive thinking.

Now is the time to redouble our efforts in helping to champion emergent leaders into high impact roles of genuine influence. First 100 seeks to do just that.

A track record of success.