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The First 100 Experience

“The pace of change will never be this slow again.”
Singularity University

First 100 supports career advancements of mid-career professionals to higher levels of leadership and influence.

The program caters to professionals who have gained several years of experience and skills in their chosen field and have progress beyond entry level positions but have not reached senior or executive level roles.

Typically, mid-career professionals have between 8-15 years of experience although this can vary depending on the industry and the specific occupation. 

Mid-career leaders are often seen as being at the point in their career where they have established themselves in their field but are looking to take on more challenging roles and responsibilities.

Since its launch in April 2021, we have hosted hundreds of high potential individuals across Asia-Pacific, spanning diverse industries, specialisations and roles.

The curriculum systematically enabling participants to build the necessary critical capability to transition into impactful and influential roles with;
  • a resilient and adaptive mindset   
  • critical thinking capacity to navigate personal, corporate and societal landscapes  
  • an ability to balance and calibrate short and long-term objectives 
  • global and inclusive perspectives
  • the ability to create conditions for success through enhancing value, strengthening connectivity, and fostering continuous innovation.  


and a track record of success